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The Lost Bird Project is led by sculptor Todd McGrain, Artist-in Residence at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. His impressive sculptures of extinct North American birds are permanently installed near the last sighting of the bird.

Five sculptures have been placed: Great Auk in Newfoundland, Passenger Pigeon in Ohio, Labrador Duck in New York, Carolina Parakeet in Florida, and Heath Hen in Martha’s Vineyard.

The last Eskimo Curlew was seen on Galveston Island in the early 1960s. Please join us in raising funds to bring the Eskimo Curlew sculpture home to Galveston. Your gift will announce that you have drawn a line in the sand; never again will we allow this to happen.

Thank you for your commitment to conservation!

Forgetting is another kind of extinction.
Todd McGrain

For more information about The Lost Bird Project, click here to read Forgetting is Easy from the Galveston Daily News Coast magazine.