Summer Social

Thank you to all who attended our 2019 Summer Social, the evening was filled with kudos and camaraderie. Virgie Greb captured the night with her outstanding photography and the evening was topped off with the following awards:

Tom Schwenk- GINTC Service Award

Greg Whittaker- GINTC Service Award

Bobette Brasfield- GINTC Service Award

Lee Roane, GINTC Partnership Award

Kristine Rivers, Birding for Fun- GINTC Partnership Award

Mary Branum, Coronado Palms Coastal Cottage- GINTC Partnership Award

Kelly de Schaun, Galveston Island Park Board- GINTC Nature Service Award

Stennie Meadours- GINTC Founders Award

Ann Anderson- GINTC FeatherFest Award

Thank You To Our Sponsors

Sara and Mark Bettencourt, Julie Ann Brown and Denice Franke, Moody Gardens, Alice Anne O’Donell,

Chris and Herb Roper, Sand ‘N Sea Properties, Tom’s Galveston Real Estate,

Bonnie White and Doug Little, and Mitchell Historic Properties