Story Boards

GINTC created educational story boards that were installed in and around Ft. Crockett Park at 47th and Seawall Boulevard in 2007. With help from the Galveston Island Park Board, GINTC recently replaced three of the story boards with new artwork during the winter of 2017.

The boards were designed to be permanent displays of nature information explaining to the public what lies in front of them as they look out to the sea. Beach combing, beach inhabitants and birds are some of the topics covered.

Original funding for this project was made possible through the General Land Office Coastal Management Program, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Contributors to these boards included a cash grant from the Knox Foundation, stainless steel anchor hardware from Rex and Gayle Reynolds and a cash donation from Ball High School student Carter Ware and the Ball High School National Honor Society.

The content element of the project was coordinated by Dr. Norma Rubin with help from Mary Jean Hayden, Master Naturalist; Dr. Steve Alexander; Lynn Alperin, Editor; and Dr. Theron Sage, retired professor of geology, University of Houston at Clear Lake.